Why I’m running for City Council

Over the next month I will be collecting signatures to put my name on the ballot for Chicago's 25th ward aldermanic election on February 24th, 2015.  The first question people ask is, "Why?"  I'm running because I love this city and it could be so much better. The corruption of Chicago politics is an old joke, but it stopped being… Continue reading Why I’m running for City Council

Pilsen’s Non-profit Industrial Complex

You're probably more familiar with the concept of the military industrial complex. Eisenhower coined the phrase in his last speech from the White House. This speech begins the movie Why We Fight.  The movie examines the links between the military and lawmakers and how that system has been hacked by the weapons industry. Similarly, the non-profit… Continue reading Pilsen’s Non-profit Industrial Complex

The Transfer of Wealth from Pensioners to Corporations in Chicago

Talking about politics can be frustrating.  Everyone knows that pensions are bankrupting the city.  Everyone also knows that public/private partnerships are essential to our future prosperity.  How does everyone know these obvious truths?  Presumably, it's the reports that talk about our pensions that have impossibly large unfunded liabilities and the reports of rich and successful business leaders shaking hands with politicians in sharp suits discussing… Continue reading The Transfer of Wealth from Pensioners to Corporations in Chicago