How Politicians Lie with Statistics

On Friday night, as I Uber-ed back from a holiday party, I came across this headline on and immediately thought of the statistics classic, How to Lie with Statistics: Paul Ryan says U.S. taxes on small businesses is 44.6 percent,” versus 15 percent in Canada (Politifact rating: True) I've had some problems with fact-checking websites before, so I… Continue reading How Politicians Lie with Statistics

Pilsen Academy LSC Votes for New Principal

Yesterday, the Pilsen Community Academy Local School Council (LSC) held a special meeting at the Lozano Library.  All LSC members, with the exception of the principal, were in attendance.  We finished the principal's cumulative review and voted unanimously to approve it. We then voted on his contract renewal.  There were 2 votes to renew his contract,… Continue reading Pilsen Academy LSC Votes for New Principal

Campaign Suspended

Today I'm suspending my campaign for Democratic Committeeman of the 25th Ward.  It appears that, due to my current pace of signature collection and the incoming snow storm during this important signature collecting weekend, I will be unable to collect the required number of signatures. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. - Michael… Continue reading Campaign Suspended

Seriously, I Need Your Help

The "Democrats" run this town. Property taxes were just hiked and we're still in financial ruin. We've had a record number of elected officials go to jail and the toothless inspector general of the city council just had his files taken by the FBI. So you'd expect people to be breaking out the pitchforks. But… Continue reading Seriously, I Need Your Help

Art via Artificial Intelligence

At the end of August a new paper was posted that showed how to "teach" an artificial neural network (ANN) the style of a given painting or piece of art.  It built off of earlier work by some people at Google they called inceptionism, from just a few months earlier. Don't worry.  The machines aren't… Continue reading Art via Artificial Intelligence

Troy Hernandez for Democratic Ward Committeeman

I'm collecting signatures to get myself on the ballot for Democratic Committeeman in Chicago's 25th Ward. I need your help. First, I'll explain what the committeeman is and does. Then I'll explain why I need your help. Finally, I'll tell you why I'm running. Ward Committeeman I'll let Hal Dardick at the Tribune explain the position:… Continue reading Troy Hernandez for Democratic Ward Committeeman

Endlessly Rising Canon in R

  A few months ago it came up that someone was able to get audio to play in my preferred programming language, R.  Even better, the piece they orchestrated was the highly litigated "Birthday Song" that was even more recently freed from copyright purgatory.  I quickly realized that this was an excellent opportunity to finally get the precision I wanted from the experimental… Continue reading Endlessly Rising Canon in R

Pilsen Academy Update – September

Update: The Principal, Dr. Ali, has called for a special, "pre-LSC" meeting for this Friday, October 16th at 8am. Incredibly, this has been done in violation of the rules that the LSC community relations officer, Luis Garcia, explicitly stated at a special training held just weeks ago. This is not the first time this has… Continue reading Pilsen Academy Update – September

The Pilsen Academy Junta

junta noun jun·ta \ˈhu̇n-tə, ˈjən-, ˈhən-\ : a military group controlling a government after taking control of it by force Junta means something different in English than it does in Spanish.  The full definition in English is: :  a council or committee for political or governmental purposes; especially:  a group of persons controlling a government… Continue reading The Pilsen Academy Junta