I’m a 38-year old data scientist, activist, and Green Party MWRD candidate.  I earned my PhD in statistics from UIC in 2013.  I live in Pilsen and work for IBM.  I’m a volunteer director of the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (P.E.R.R.O.)  I served two 2-year terms as a community representative (2 years as secretary) on the Pilsen Community Academy Local School Council (2014-2018).  I’m an organizer for the Chicago R User Group. I entered UIC as a freshman 20 years ago and have lived in the area for 18 years.  I mostly grew up in the suburbs, but am now the 4th generation of the Hernandez family that has called this place home.

While I’ve always been interested in politics, my interest grew when the economy collapsed and we elected a mixed-race Chicagoan, like myself, as President.  Since then I’ve studied politics and economics as a hobby and compliment to my research in statistics, game theory, and computer science.  In 2014, I unsuccessfully tried to get on the ballot for the 2015 aldermanic race in the 25th ward in Chicago. In 2018-19, I got on the ballot for 25th ward alderman.  I am proud of the campaign that I ran.

Based on the incentives that politicians face there is no issue that you care about, schools or roads or parks or pensions, that is going to get fixed and stay fixed until we fix our political system.  Fixing our political system requires changing the incentives for politicians.  That means public financing of our elections, putting an end to the gerrymandering of our political boundaries, implementing ranked choice voting, etc.

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  1. Troy,
    I met you today at the corner of Sangamon and Monroe (signed your candidacy). I have read through parts of your posts.

    I now remember your name from a post on “everyblock.com”. The post was related to “strange anglo…appeared at a meeting.” At the time I was particularly impressed how you wrote your defense.

    Now, I am interested in your educational background as a tool for better decision making in government. What noble idea to use hard data and facts instead of bullshit to make decisions.

    I am a Structural Engineer by trade, so I do appreciate your statiscal background as a tool to arrive at good objective decisions.

    I can honestly tell you that if you manage to get your name in the ballot, you got my vote.


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