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On Statues of “Great Men”

Last night, Mayor Lightfoot took down the Columbus statues in Chicago. I forget when I first heard the Untold History of Christopher Columbus. Maybe it’s because “slavery” and “war crime” don’t rhyme with 1492, but they don’t teach you about that in grade school. I have Italian-American family and friends, mostly from Taylor St in… Continue reading On Statues of “Great Men”

GitOps with R and K8s Part 3: Continuous Delivery

PreReqs: An IBM Cloud account and completion of Part 1 and Part 2 Welcome back. At this point you should have a blogdown page in a container, hosted on Docker Hub, continuously integrated with your Github. Now we move on to… Continuous Delivery We need to get that container published and hosted on a k8s… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 3: Continuous Delivery

GitOps with R and K8s Part 2: Continuous Integration

PreReqs: A read through of Part 1 of this series, some experience with R, Rmarkdown, a Github account, and a Docker Hub account Let’s first turn to getting your website created and containerized. If you’re not familiar with git or Docker, this might be a lot to take in, but there are plenty of resources… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 2: Continuous Integration

GitOps with R and K8s Part 1: A New Hope

PreReqs: R, Rmarkdown, git, Docker, and an IBM Cloud account Once upon a time… If you ain’t one for poetry and you ain’t one for prose, or the reasoning behind my choices, then skip the next blog post. I’ve had a WordPress blog for the last 6 years. While it was initially nice and easy… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 1: A New Hope

Chicago Environmental Justice Communities Map

COVID-19 has generated a large discussion around pollution. The Tribune did a story on PM 2.5 levels apparently going up since the stay at home order was announced. Curious City attempted to answer a question from a listener on this issue. Car traffic is down, but truck traffic is almost the same. Now, with a… Continue reading Chicago Environmental Justice Communities Map

Non-Profit Industrial Complex: Little Village

Back in 2017, I attended a meeting of the Illinois EPA’s Environmental Justice (EJ) commission on behalf of the EJ group in Pilsen that I volunteer with, PERRO. A new law in Illinois, the Future Energy Jobs Act, was discussed. Part of the law set aside some money for EJ communities as defined by the… Continue reading Non-Profit Industrial Complex: Little Village

I am the Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been appointed Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward. For those unfamiliar with the position: The positions are unpaid, with responsibilities that include voter registration, community forums, election materials, and election operations. In addition, the committeepeople are responsible for producing smooth political processes during the elections in their wards,… Continue reading I am the Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward

Going Green with the Internet of Things

tldr: My electric bill is high in the winter because I use electricity to heat parts of my house. I am using free and open-source software, Home Assistant, and ComEd’s hourly pricing to reduce my electric bill, hopefully by about half. If this system were to be implemented at a large enough scale it could… Continue reading Going Green with the Internet of Things

Gentrification in Pilsen: Part 2

This is a lightly edited/revised version of my comments on Facebook and Twitter. Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times published an article about gentrification as viewed through the lens of enrollment at Pilsen’s schools. I appreciate the work the author put in analyzing the local schools’ enrollment and him telling the story of people like my… Continue reading Gentrification in Pilsen: Part 2