On Hilco’s Redevelopment of the Fisk Site

Yesterday I returned home from the fourth 25th Ward aldermanic forum to find an email sent on the behalf of Roberto Perez, CEO of Hilco Redevelopment Partners.  It appears that many community organizations have received this email and I expect the other candidates as well.  They state: We are in the very early stages of… Continue reading On Hilco’s Redevelopment of the Fisk Site

Alderman Solis and Chicago’s Corrupt Political Culture

Alderman Solis wore a wire for the FBI to help build a case against Alderman Ed Burke and buy himself favor as a cooperating witness.  This is extraordinary even for Chicago politics, but not surprising. I've been talking about Danny's legal campaign contributions for years and years.  Toni Preckwinkle's support from and negotiations with SEIU… Continue reading Alderman Solis and Chicago’s Corrupt Political Culture

Chicago’s Invisible Primary

The invisible primary is described by Matt Taibbi as: … a pre-primary period in which party bosses “scrutinize and winnow the field before voters get involved, attempt to build coalitions behind a single preferred candidate, and sway voters to ratify their choice.” Chicago has runoff voting for its municipal elections. That means the February 26th… Continue reading Chicago’s Invisible Primary

On Candidate Sigcho’s Petition Challenge

Update: Candidate Sigcho will be on the ballot.  While Sigcho admitted to living outside of the Whittier School District, and thus serving illegally on its local school council, the hearing officer gave the candidate the benefit of the doubt while citing the difficulty of proving a negative; i.e. proving that Sigcho doesn't live in the… Continue reading On Candidate Sigcho’s Petition Challenge

On Alderman Solis’s Retirement

On Saturday November 24th 2018 the alderman of the 25th ward of the City of Chicago, Danny Solis, announced that he would not be seeking reelection. While I have been critical of many of the alderman's decisions, I must commend him on the manner in which he is retiring. The practice of appointing an alderman… Continue reading On Alderman Solis’s Retirement

Gentrification in Pilsen

When people ask why I live in Pilsen, I’ll occasionally respond, “I’m half-Mexican and half-hipster, so it’s perfect for me.” It’s Andy Kaufman-esque in that it's simultaneously funny and slightly uncomfortable. The real answer is that I moved to the area 16 years ago to be close to the (then) cheapest state school, UIC. Had… Continue reading Gentrification in Pilsen