Lead in Chicago’s Water

Back in 2014 I was giving a talk at the local library on a local environmental issue.  Afterwards a man came up and started telling me about the danger of lead in Chicago's water.  If you're like me, when someone starts talking about the danger to the water supply, your expectation is that tinfoil hat… Continue reading Lead in Chicago’s Water

Plata y Plomo in Pilsen

On Wednesday there will be a meeting with the US EPA hosted by the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO) in the basement of the church at 1850 S Throop. For the past decade PERRO has been pushing the EPA to investigate the emissions coming from the H Kramer smelting facility. From Wikipedia: H.… Continue reading Plata y Plomo in Pilsen

No one wants to talk about Pilsen’s existing metal shredder

For more than a year there has been a fight over the idea of bringing a metal shredder to Pilsen.  Some groups say it's a great source of jobs and other groups have said it's a dangerous source of pollution.  Now that it's election season everyone is required to take a position on it.  Curiously,… Continue reading No one wants to talk about Pilsen’s existing metal shredder

Verbal Assault at the 25th Ward Aldermanic Forum

Last Friday at the 25th ward aldermanic forum at UIC I was verbally assaulted, but it wasn't by the predictably empty rhetoric from some of the candidates.  Immediately following the conclusion of the event I was speaking with a reporter from South Side Weekly when the executive director of Pilsen Alliance and the de facto Byron Sigcho campaign manager came over… Continue reading Verbal Assault at the 25th Ward Aldermanic Forum

Why I’m running for City Council

Over the next month I will be collecting signatures to put my name on the ballot for Chicago's 25th ward aldermanic election on February 24th, 2015.  The first question people ask is, "Why?"  I'm running because I love this city and it could be so much better. The corruption of Chicago politics is an old joke, but it stopped being… Continue reading Why I’m running for City Council

Pilsen’s Non-profit Industrial Complex

You're probably more familiar with the concept of the military industrial complex. Eisenhower coined the phrase in his last speech from the White House. This speech begins the movie Why We Fight.  The movie examines the links between the military and lawmakers and how that system has been hacked by the weapons industry. Similarly, the non-profit… Continue reading Pilsen’s Non-profit Industrial Complex

Creating interactive 3D graphs for the web

In one of my previous posts I created a 3D visualization of California pollution data.  I promised to explain how I made it, so here goes. You can download the data from the bottom of this page at California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment website.  From there you'd save the first sheet as a… Continue reading Creating interactive 3D graphs for the web

My talk on the metal shredders at Lozano Library

My last few weeks have been fairly busy in the community activism scene of Pilsen.  This week, I won the election for community representative at Pilsen Community Academy.  One of my reddit comments got scooped by Good Jobs First and went viral.  Last week and two weeks ago I gave a talk at the Rudy… Continue reading My talk on the metal shredders at Lozano Library

Poverty, Pollution, and Race in California

tldr: I made an interactive 3D plot of poverty, pollution, and race data from California. Click the picture:   Full post Due to a regular travel schedule, I've been intermittently attending PERRO's Environmental Justice training program on Saturday mornings.  One of the recent projects was to compare the number of stationary area sources of pollution… Continue reading Poverty, Pollution, and Race in California

STRANGE ANGLO 3: Return to the ZBA

The Drama Yesterday, after multiple continuances, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) heard the arguments for and against the proposed metal shredder in Pilsen.  The chairman, Jonathon Swain, stated that this was his longest meeting as chairman.  It started at 1pm with a press conference by PERRO and LVEJO.  I would guess they brought about… Continue reading STRANGE ANGLO 3: Return to the ZBA