Simulating March Madness in R

Edit 3: Awkwardly, if you go and download 538’s data now, the numbers they published on Monday Forecast_date == 2018-03-12, were retroactively changed so that Virginia is now ranked second instead of first. I guess I’ll take that as a win.? (For the skeptics, here's the video evidence.) Below I implement Edit 2 using Monday's… Continue reading Simulating March Madness in R

Optimizing Fanduel in R

I want to give a little background on my experience with fantasy football first.  If you're just looking for the algorithm just skip down to the section titled The Algorithm. Fantasy Football I like Chicago Bears football.  Even during rough seasons like this one.  I don't really care that much about other football teams.  So when my friends first invited me… Continue reading Optimizing Fanduel in R