Chicago Environmental Justice Communities Map

COVID-19 has generated a large discussion around pollution. The Tribune did a story on PM 2.5 levels apparently going up since the stay at home order was announced. Curious City attempted to answer a question from a listener on this issue. Car traffic is down, but truck traffic is almost the same. Now, with a… Continue reading Chicago Environmental Justice Communities Map

I am the Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been appointed Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward. For those unfamiliar with the position: The positions are unpaid, with responsibilities that include voter registration, community forums, election materials, and election operations. In addition, the committeepeople are responsible for producing smooth political processes during the elections in their wards,… Continue reading I am the Green Party Committeeman of the 25th Ward

Gentrification in Pilsen: Part 2

This is a lightly edited/revised version of my comments on Facebook and Twitter. Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times published an article about gentrification as viewed through the lens of enrollment at Pilsen’s schools. I appreciate the work the author put in analyzing the local schools’ enrollment and him telling the story of people like my… Continue reading Gentrification in Pilsen: Part 2

Laquan, CPD, and Data

The last week in Chicago politics and law enforcement has been a lot. The Van Dyke trial was a difficult moment for the city. Conversations about the impact of the decision on young Black men, cops, families, the courts, the police department, activists, and politicians were running hot. While I’ve had brief conversations with police… Continue reading Laquan, CPD, and Data

Optimizing Magic: The Gathering in R

Magic: The Gathering Two years ago I was in the midst of starting a gut rehab on my home, starting a new job, and ramping up PERRO’s lead in the water campaign. Someone suggested that it might be good to do something that wasn’t productive to relax. In this midst of this presidency, a lot… Continue reading Optimizing Magic: The Gathering in R

NASA Frontier Development Lab

As usual, my long absence from writing has run concurrently with life being busy. Since my last post, PERRO has had three lead water filter distributions and is preparing for a fourth. I've been promoted to Executive Architect at IBM. The gut rehab of my new home has provided a constant source of excitement, entertainment,… Continue reading NASA Frontier Development Lab

On this Election Day

On this election day, when you decide between an insane trust-fund baby and a candidate that has proven themselves most adept at trading their public service for personal wealth, let us remember St. George:   The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice … you don’t. You… Continue reading On this Election Day