The Globalization of the Digital Divide

Today the science subreddit is having a discussion on racial bias in science in conjunction with Science Magazine publishing “Doing Science while Black,” by Dr. Ed Smith. This discussion has inspired me to share some research that I did a year and a half ago on the “pipeline problem” in tech, and STEM more broadly.… Continue reading The Globalization of the Digital Divide

I’m Suing Civis Analytics

Update: Somehow I missed that members of the same Obama analytics team were called out for their lack of diversity on the campaign trail.  In this context, their quotes to and about me below provide an explanation. Update 2: My follow-up piece on this subject is here. Update 3: I also want to highlight more statistics about… Continue reading I’m Suing Civis Analytics

Municipal Cyberbullying

My apartment made it onto the front page of the Chicago Tribune yesterday by being on Chicago's new 'problem landlords' list.  I can confirm that there is a problem, but it's with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Tribune. The previous landlord had a bunch of violations.  Then he sold the building to a friend of mine.  My friend then made… Continue reading Municipal Cyberbullying

My LSC experience to date

Today was supposed to be our first regular LSC meeting of the year at Pilsen Academy. It was rescheduled for next week. I received no notification. We had an irregular meeting last week. That meeting was scheduled on the preceding Friday for the following Monday. The planning meeting in July was scheduled a little more… Continue reading My LSC experience to date