GitOps with R and K8s Part 3: Continuous Delivery

PreReqs: An IBM Cloud account and completion of Part 1 and Part 2 Welcome back. At this point you should have a blogdown page in a container, hosted on Docker Hub, continuously integrated with your Github. Now we move on to… Continuous Delivery We need to get that container published and hosted on a k8s… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 3: Continuous Delivery

GitOps with R and K8s Part 2: Continuous Integration

PreReqs: A read through of Part 1 of this series, some experience with R, Rmarkdown, a Github account, and a Docker Hub account Let’s first turn to getting your website created and containerized. If you’re not familiar with git or Docker, this might be a lot to take in, but there are plenty of resources… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 2: Continuous Integration

GitOps with R and K8s Part 1: A New Hope

PreReqs: R, Rmarkdown, git, Docker, and an IBM Cloud account Once upon a time… If you ain’t one for poetry and you ain’t one for prose, or the reasoning behind my choices, then skip the next blog post. I’ve had a WordPress blog for the last 6 years. While it was initially nice and easy… Continue reading GitOps with R and K8s Part 1: A New Hope

Going Green with the Internet of Things

tldr: My electric bill is high in the winter because I use electricity to heat parts of my house. I am using free and open-source software, Home Assistant, and ComEd’s hourly pricing to reduce my electric bill, hopefully by about half. If this system were to be implemented at a large enough scale it could… Continue reading Going Green with the Internet of Things

Laquan, CPD, and Data

The last week in Chicago politics and law enforcement has been a lot. The Van Dyke trial was a difficult moment for the city. Conversations about the impact of the decision on young Black men, cops, families, the courts, the police department, activists, and politicians were running hot. While I’ve had brief conversations with police… Continue reading Laquan, CPD, and Data

Optimizing Magic: The Gathering in R

Magic: The Gathering Two years ago I was in the midst of starting a gut rehab on my home, starting a new job, and ramping up PERRO’s lead in the water campaign. Someone suggested that it might be good to do something that wasn’t productive to relax. In this midst of this presidency, a lot… Continue reading Optimizing Magic: The Gathering in R

NASA Frontier Development Lab

As usual, my long absence from writing has run concurrently with life being busy. Since my last post, PERRO has had three lead water filter distributions and is preparing for a fourth. I've been promoted to Executive Architect at IBM. The gut rehab of my new home has provided a constant source of excitement, entertainment,… Continue reading NASA Frontier Development Lab

The Globalization of the Digital Divide

Wikipedia defines the digital divide as: ... an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies. This post is about how that digital divide plays out in tech employment.  The term "underrepresented minorities" is most often used when talking about the disproportionate lack of Latinos… Continue reading The Globalization of the Digital Divide

Analyzing 538’s Democratic Primary Analysis

I get into the extended discussions about politics on Facebook.  Sorry, not sorry.  Recently, I got into an in-depth analysis of Bernie's chances going forward.  Given his big wins in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska, I pointed to this great project on to see how much he caught up. Who's on Track for the Nomination? describes… Continue reading Analyzing 538’s Democratic Primary Analysis