Data Science

Here are the blog posts related to data science:

1,000 Little Fiefdoms: A Social Network Analysis of Illinois Politics

Published 2020/08/26

GitOps with R and K8s

Published 2020/06/17

Chicago Environmental Justice Communities Map

Published 2020/05/21

Going Green with the Internet of Things

Published 2019/12/12

Crime in Chicago’s Community Areas

Published 2019/03/12

Crime in the 25th Ward

Published 2019/02/21

Laquan, CPD, and Data

Published 2018/10/12

Optimizing Magic: The Gathering in R

Published 2018/09/28

Simulating March Madness in R

Published 2018/03/13

NASA Frontier Development Lab

Published 2017/12/01

The Globalization of the Digital Divide

Published 2016/09/29

Analyzing 538’s Democratic Primary Analysis

Published 2016/03/28

Statisticians come in from the cold

Published 2016/02/25

I’m Suing Civis Analytics

Published 2016/01/27

Optimizing Fanduel in R

Published 2016/01/06

Art via Artificial Intelligence

Published 2015/11/07

Endlessly Rising Canon in R

Published 2015/10/28

The Transfer of Wealth from Pensioners to Corporations in Chicago

Published 2014/10/14

Creating interactive 3D graphs for the web

Published 2014/04/21

Poverty, Pollution, and Race in California

Published 2014/04/02