Music Bio

In 3rd grade I joined the school band on snare drum.  I had to wake up an hour earlier to get on the middle schoolers’ bus with a drum I could barely lift.  I also sometimes had to miss dodgeball.  I took my first hiatus from music two weeks later.

I asked for a bass guitar for my 8th grade graduation.  I took some music lessons my freshman year from the guitar shop, played in a few groups, and took some keyboard lessons in my high school senior year.

I played and toured with Catfish Jenkins for 15 years while getting a music minor at UIC.  I played in a couple of Aras Volodka bands and played a few other random gigs.

1998 – 2012: Catfish Jenkins/Empire Lines

I started playing with these guys in high school.  There were various lineups, but it was mostly the same group of good friends.  We started as a blues band, drifted into being a jam band, then moved into alt/indie rock.  Then we changed our name to Empire Lines.  Babies were birthed, a thesis needed to get written, distant homes were bought, and that was the end.

2003/2010: The Specs/Aras and the Volodkas

Aras Volodka writes great songs and likes to record lush arrangements of them.  Live shows provided more stripped-down, raucous arrangements.  A friend, classmate, and the local guitar tech suggested I play guitar in this band; The Specs.  We had a guitarist on drums, a keyboard player on bass, and a bassist on guitar and it sounded like it.  A few years later I joined Aras’s band again, this time on bass.

2005 – present: Troy Hernandez (solo)

I started writing and recording my own music in the mid-aughts.  I prefer minimalist or maximalist instrumentation and very traditional or experimental song structures.  I’m a firm believer in self-editing so I’ve only released a handful of songs.  The EP is a compilation of singles released in the mid-aughts.  There is also a mathematical/experimental Bach arrangement and an MLK speech I set to some music.


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