No one wants to talk about Pilsen’s existing metal shredder

For more than a year there has been a fight over the idea of bringing a metal shredder to Pilsen.  Some groups say it's a great source of jobs and other groups have said it's a dangerous source of pollution.  Now that it's election season everyone is required to take a position on it.  Curiously,… Continue reading No one wants to talk about Pilsen’s existing metal shredder

I’ve withdrawn from the aldermanic race

On Monday I submitted the paperwork to withdraw my candidacy for the 25th ward aldermanic race. The statistics suggest that I had more than enough signatures to get on the ballot. The reality was that proving this fact was going to be logistically impossible. I've been denied my place on the ballot and 500 registered… Continue reading I’ve withdrawn from the aldermanic race

The Second City of Campaign Finance Reform

Nothing will make one more aware of campaign financing than running for office.  The incumbent alderman is flush with cash as the chair of the zoning board and facilitator of polluting industry.  A community organization appears to be running a PR campaign for a competing polluting industry in the neighborhood for campaign resources for their candidate, there are two  is a union candidate, a banker, and the socialist party/parties are making… Continue reading The Second City of Campaign Finance Reform

Alderman Solis Slays the Paper Tiger!

  Last week Danny Solis proposed and passed an ordinance to change the zoning of a block in the West Loop "from a downtown mixed use to a downtown service zoning".  This will prevent Carmichael's Restaurant and the adjacent courtyard from being turned into "a luxary apartment complex."  This is a win for the residents of the neighborhood! Note: Election season… Continue reading Alderman Solis Slays the Paper Tiger!

Why I’m running for City Council

Over the next month I will be collecting signatures to put my name on the ballot for Chicago's 25th ward aldermanic election on February 24th, 2015.  The first question people ask is, "Why?"  I'm running because I love this city and it could be so much better. The corruption of Chicago politics is an old joke, but it stopped being… Continue reading Why I’m running for City Council

STRANGE ANGLO 3: Return to the ZBA

The Drama Yesterday, after multiple continuances, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) heard the arguments for and against the proposed metal shredder in Pilsen.  The chairman, Jonathon Swain, stated that this was his longest meeting as chairman.  It started at 1pm with a press conference by PERRO and LVEJO.  I would guess they brought about… Continue reading STRANGE ANGLO 3: Return to the ZBA

STRANGE ANGLO against the metal shredder 2: Literature Review

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) | full review below A study on cancer-causing pollution from metal shredders was performed by Houston’s Department of Health and Human Services and Rice University (2013). Metal shredders produce a small volume of pollution, so they are not regulated by the EPA’s Clean Air Act. Metal shredders produce very toxic… Continue reading STRANGE ANGLO against the metal shredder 2: Literature Review