Verbal Assault at the 25th Ward Aldermanic Forum

Last Friday at the 25th ward aldermanic forum at UIC I was verbally assaulted, but it wasn't by the predictably empty rhetoric from some of the candidates.  Immediately following the conclusion of the event I was speaking with a reporter from South Side Weekly when the executive director of Pilsen Alliance and the de facto Byron Sigcho campaign manager came over… Continue reading Verbal Assault at the 25th Ward Aldermanic Forum

My talk on the metal shredders at Lozano Library

My last few weeks have been fairly busy in the community activism scene of Pilsen.  This week, I won the election for community representative at Pilsen Community Academy.  One of my reddit comments got scooped by Good Jobs First and went viral.  Last week and two weeks ago I gave a talk at the Rudy… Continue reading My talk on the metal shredders at Lozano Library

Poverty, Pollution, and Race in California

tldr: I made an interactive 3D plot of poverty, pollution, and race data from California. Click the picture:   Full post Due to a regular travel schedule, I've been intermittently attending PERRO's Environmental Justice training program on Saturday mornings.  One of the recent projects was to compare the number of stationary area sources of pollution… Continue reading Poverty, Pollution, and Race in California